Your partner in aquaculture

Aquaculture is a growing market worldwide and is seen as a key research and development field for the food security of a growing world population. From feed production and food manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and medicine, numerous industries benefit from the knowledge gained from basic and applied aquaculture research, which thus forms an important link in the health chain.

The demand for aquatic organisms is continuously increasing - especially for utilisation as food and feed or as food supplements. Due to stagnating yields from fisheries and the increasing demand of a growing world population, a supply gap has arisen, half of which is already covered by aquaculture. However, the further expansion of aquaculture is encountering different limitations, both regionally and supraregionally, which require new biological and technological solutions. The innovations must be designed in a way that is acceptable from both a social and an environmental law perspective in order to enable the sustainable development of the sector.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been researching innovative, sustainable solutions from the field of aquaculture for an internationally oriented market with increasing growth rates for a long time - and thus contributes to environmentally sound food security.